I’m constantly on the hunt to discover new eateries and hidden spots when I travel. While I could use sites like Yelp, it’s more fun to pull up Eric Fischer’s maps. His maps are great at pointing me in the direction of the most-popular local destination. These maps won’t give me exact restaurants or locations to try. Instead, I’ll spend the morning on foot, wandering through new parts of town, searching for the next great spot. This is what I love about traveling.

My latest discovery happened when I was in New York City for business. I took the morning off and explored the East Side. While not a haven for tourists, thousands of people call the East Side home. I was on a mission to find a new local favorite.

Meet Antibes Bistro. I almost missed this location altogether.

Located on Suffolk Street, the bistro specializes in French-style food. The menu is small but substantive, providing a fair amount of options for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. The New York Magazine’s review of the Bistro is solid. They recommend the Guinness braised short-ribs. Typical to many NY eateries, the bistro is open for dinner every night. Brunch is served on the weekends.

The first thing you’ll notice about Antibes Bistro is its charm. You won’t find the clean lines and minimalistic quality of a Manhattan café. But that wasn’t what I was searching for. This place hosts old bones and exposed brickwork. They’ve hung a collection of copper pans from the bar wall. In short, the aesthetic is warm and inviting.


I had arrived early afternoon and took a seat at the bar, excited by the prospect of finding a new place to add to my list of NY discoveries. There was nothing spectacular about the café. But this is what I enjoy. To me, there is nothing better than veering off course for the day.

Despite the traditional flair to the place, the food was presented elegantly. I ordered off their brunch menu: the eggs florentine. The food arrived fast, and I enjoyed every bite. Apart from the menu, the bistro also serves handcrafted cocktails and hosts various local jazz singers Monday-Wednesday evenings. Definitely worth a trip back the next time I’m visiting New York.

Had it not been for my aimless walking that morning, I might never have discovered the charm and delicacies at Antibes Bistro. Yet another successful stop while utilizing Fischer’s maps.