About Judd Bagley

About Judd Bagley

Judd Bagley is a PR professional and technology expert based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the Director of Corporate Communications at InsideSales.com, which offers the sales industry’s first comprehensive sales acceleration platform that creates high-performance sales teams with breakthrough technology. Judd’s background is in journalism has prepared him for a fast paced and constantly changing work environment. He is particularly fascinated by the technology that drives InsideSales.com and how it relates to businesses across the globe. In addition to his PR and communication expertise, Judd is a dedicated traveler and has had the chance to visit many different countries through his work. Judd Bagley is also an expert and thought-leader in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. He enjoys researching trends in both Bitcoin and Big Data and blogging about his findings here.

Judd Bagley: Travel Philosophy

Judd Bagley’s traveling philosophy is simple: if a visitor truly wants to feel connected to a great city, they need to get away from the tourists and experience that city like the locals. However, this is not always easy to do, particularly in the world’s tourism capitals such as New York City or Paris. However, Judd has always endeavored to keep his touristic destinations to a minimum and seek out authentic experiences.

A recent project of data analysis has made this much easier. A fan of photography and maps named Eric Fischer analyzed Twitter to identify a large number of geolocated photographs that were taken in major cities. He then looked at each individual’s history, in order to determine the likelihood that they lived in that city, or were just passing through. Having made that differentiation, he divided the photographs up into groups taken by likely tourists or locals, plotting color coded dots on a map. The result offers a compelling example of Big Data Analysis and makes it easy for out-of-towners to immediately identify the places that locals value enough to photograph, yet where tourists tend not to go. This technology fascinated Judd, and it changed the way he traveled.

Ever since coming across Eric Fisher’s project, Judd Bagley has made it his goal to visit as many of these “local” destinations as possible.Judd has since been more conscious of finding out local restaurants and shops while he is traveling in an effort to familiarize himself with the local culture. You will rarely find him at a chain restaurant or big box store whether he is at home or on the road. He has begun going out of his way to avoid the tourist hotspots, and prioritize those destinations mostly frequented by the city’s natives; this has allowed him to bring far more depth and cultural understanding into his travels. Traveling has also permitted him to gain an entirely different perspective on life, and to create relationships with people from different backgrounds with a variety of life experiences. He enjoys learning the culture of a new city from the people who live there instead of from a pamphlet or website. Through visiting these little-known destinations, Judd Bagley has been able to see life through a different lens. By being able to stray away from the tourist destinations, Judd has also come to appreciate the cities he visits in a different way. He believes each city has a unique beauty that cannot be replicated by any other city. The beauty is more than just aesthetics to Judd. It also encompasses the people, food, infrastructure, and overall atmosphere of each city. This new appreciation he has developed for the cities and the people who call them home has given Judd a newfound appreciation and motivation for traveling.

Recent Travels

A few of Judd’s most recent travels includes his exploration of Forest Hills Gardens located in Queens, New York, and the St. Louis park: Forest Park. For Judd, part of this travel philosophy’s appeal is tied to the act of discovery. While a traveler today cannot uncover new lands or continents, he can certainly find the quieter and most unique parts of a city or town. Judd’s quest for these new places speaks to his quest for learning in all areas of his life. As a frontier in the Bitcoin world, this thirst for knowledge and places is a unifying thread throughout his life.

Stop by often to read more about Judd’s travels as he discovers the hidden corners of the world that are just as exciting; yet far less populated with tourists.

If a visitor truly wants to feel connected to a great city, they need to get away from the tourists and experience that city like the locals.

Judd Bagley

Travel Philosophy

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